Tuesday, October 29

Blowing the Whistle on: Arrested Development

Arrested Development TV
It's the final countdown...

With so many things to sit on your lazy ass and do in life, everyone's a fanatic about something. If you ever find yourself stuck in a conversation about the television show Arrested Development, I'm blowing the whistle on it, with a few quick talking points about the Bluth family to get you politely through it without having to watch the whole thing:

1 - The funniest characters are Tobias Funke (pronounced Fyoon-kay), played by David Cross and Gob (pronounced Joh-b) Bluth, played by Will Arnett (ex-husband of Amy Poehler, and the guy responsible for the greatest sex tape in human history:

2 - Every Bluth has their own unique chicken dance, which is one of the more hilarious running gags throughout the show. Anytime someone says chicken, you can be sure to see at least Gob's dance:

3 - While most shows fade to black or immediately cut, Arrested Development was unique in that it always cut to white. This makes the show feel more vibrant and bright, extending the replay value.

4 - Arrested Development references are sprinkled throughout media. My personal favorite factoid to throw into the conversation is the Archer references to Lucille hidden throughout Malorie Archer's (Jessica Walter) scenes.

Sterling Archer spy cartoon...ever...

5 - The Bluths built houses that were at the same time solid as a rock and solid as Iraq (both in the US and in Iraq). The desert warfare references and military talk are still relevant today.

6 - Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) is the comedic straight man. The story is mostly told (the exception being Netflix's highly-anticipated fourth season) through his perspective. His son is George Michael (Michael Cera), who is sometimes the normal one, although rather sensitive, Gob is his brother, Tobias is his brother-in-law, etc.

The cast of Arrested Development
The Bluth Family packed up and moved to Netflix...

7 - Arrested Development is saturated with running jokes. What made the show bomb on network television (and, subsequently, what made it a cult classic), is the subtle running jokes.

8 - Arrested Development is an intelligent comedy that is written and filmed very much like a feature-length movie.

9 - The Netflix season isn't terrible. Despite the moans and groans from all the couch potatoes unimpressed by the changes, the team managed to push through their careers to put together a great new addition, which includes #Anonymous

10 - The first and second season are easily the best, but I liked the fourth more than I thought. If you don't want to go through an entire conversation, say those words, and be done with it.

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Brian Penny is a former business analyst at Bank of America turned whistleblower and freelance writer. He's a frequent contributor to MainstreetLifehack, and HardcoreDroid and an affiliate of Manduka and Tazo. He documents his experiences working with Anonymous, practicing yoga, and fighting the banks on his blog.

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