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The Boy Who Cried Force Placed Insurance Chapter 2A: The Ascent of Dissent...

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"You're on your own. And you know what you know. And you are the one who'll decide where to go..." Theodor Seuss Geisel
Q1 2012 - I'm feeling stronger. Living with my parents isn't an ideal situation, but I'm alive and safe for the time being. Although they don't agree with my decisions, my parents begrudgingly provide me with room and board. Regulators are finally using the inside information I provided to uncover the truth, the media is finally beginning to cover the story, and I finally have the shot I've been waiting for...

I begin contacting journalists again. It's much different than last year when I was doing the same thing. This time around I'm more experienced. Force Placed Insurance is beginning to garner the attention of both regulators and the media. More journalists are beginning to understand the terminology I'm using. I sound less like a fringe lunatic speaking in a made up Sigur Ros language and more like an expert in a dark, shadowy corner of the mortgage & insurance industries. I'm able to secure meetings with organizations that laughed me out of their offices a year prior. While I appreciate the sudden shift in attitude, I still remember the pain of last year. I'm no longer an amateur with the media. I know how to handle them like a pro now.

Steve Ramsthel, Ben Lawsky, NY Dept of Financial Services
Slow your roll, Steve Ramsthel...

With the inquiry in New York pending, I have a lot of studying to do. Who is Benjamin Lawsky? What is Andrew Cuomo's goal? What can these guys do to the banks anyway? I've already seen my deposition get hidden away under the table by white collar criminal investigators. I watched as so-called regulators chose to watch out for their own best interests rather than those of their constituents. What makes Lawsky any different?

February 2012 - While I'm gaining traction in my journey, Wall Street strikes another blow to Main Street. This month the Department of Justice and most of the 50 State Attorneys General will give the Wall Street banks a “Get Out of Jail Free” Card. The foreclosure settlement is essentially a joke. Homeowners will consider themselves lucky to pull $1000 each out of it. Losing your home is devastating. Having it stolen from you by the banks adds insult to injury. When those who are supposed to be protecting and defending your interests blow you off with such a minute sum, it becomes almost unbearable...

On February 9, 2012 the State Attorneys General Coalition announces their $25 billion foreclosure settlement, which is by far the largest bank payout since the housing crisis began. On the surface it sounds great, but underneath the sparkling marquees, we all know it means nothing to the consumers who have been struggling the most. The only good news I can find in the settlement is that media outlets are finally finished chasing this carrot and are looking for new stories related to the housing crisis. With over a year to prepare, I have it on a silver platter for them.

I spend my days training financial journalists from every news outlet I can think of on the inner workings of the banks and the implementation of Force Placed Insurance. Many of them still have ridiculous requests. I'm asked to do very questionable and immoral things by the mainstream media outlets. They all want to be the one to break the story of the century, but they aren't listening when I give them all the information they need to do so. They think the kickback scheme is going to be easy to see. They fail to realize how easy it is to see if they'd just think and stop looking for an easy answer. I find myself wondering how these people are considered professionals in the first place.

This is when I lose what's left of my faith in mainstream society and start believing more and more in the Anonymous ideals. None of the followers of Anonymous ever uses my situation for personal or professional gain. It was the politicians and regulators who tried that. No follower of the Anonymous ideals ever attempts to convince me to do anything illegal or immoral. It's the members of the mainstream media who are requesting that.* It becomes more and more evident with every step I take that the only people I can ever trust are those who support transparency...

...and as the one year anniversary of my document leak with Anonymous approaches, Benjamin Lawsky and his New York Department of Finance put the banksters on the hot seat in a live public webcast...and I watched as the same fraud I spoke about for over a year is admitted in sworn testimony...and I caught the banksters lying on the stand about their fraud...and I called them out...and I watched them react to it live...

Now I know the banks are watching me. I know they're afraid of me...and I know why...

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*Note - The journalists for The Huffington Post and American Banker were not among the members of the media who asked me to do anything illegal. I included them in my blog because they acted with the high level of journalistic integrity one would expect from a respectable news outlet. I refuse to mention the names of "journalists" or publications who acted immorally or unethically. As far as I'm concerned, those unscrupulous outlets no longer exist.


  1. I found your blog as I am a BOA customer... I hold a mortgage with BOA, and have extensive paperwork revealing forced placed insurance harrassment since 2008. Since Hurricane Ike hit my home they found me vulnerable as I applied after the ravage of the storm for help as I was struggling financially. All turned around for me but not with them. Since then I have contacted OAG, OCC I wrote letters to employees as BOA urging them to report the abuse from within as they had to know what was going on with the evidence I mailed them personally I snitched to BOA employees about someone else that works there abusing thier power to rake us clean! Since 2008, I have had a bill for forced placed insurance for $10,000 for a townhome I owe $76,000 on a 900 sq. ft. dwelling small stuff! I argued and they brought the premium down to a couple of thousand then to 700, and never removed from my escrow the amount they charged me for even though I sent again a copy of proof of insurance from my own policy. They refuse to acknowledge I carry my own I always have, since 2004, but since 2008, they steal from me and have not recourse. My escrow now is always negative, even though my property values are down, my taxes went down thus instead of going up if anything my escrow should have gone down - not a fat chance! Not when they can steal from me and they are, they have literally extended the life of my loan and it is not a ballooning mortgage paynment. They have sent letter after letter copying me and directing letters to the OCC to respond to my pleas for help. Their letters always say they removed force place insurance or my mortgage payments are only $749.00 etc... then turnaround and bill me for more reduce my escrow and deduct monies for force place insurance I don't need or that they have no authority to purchase and bill me for I am already insured! I cannot get this fixed, I too have watched since 2008 for some sign of light and justice only to see they have the POWER and I must continue to plan and watch for the opportunity as David did to Goliath, there is a weakness we will find it, we are smarter and I know GOD is on my side I am the innocent the patriot, the good neighbor, I must be patient.

  2. Contact my lawyer Beth Findsen. Here's her website:

    We're starting to file paperwork sometime this month...

  3. I have sold foreclosures for banks for many years. I can tell you that the fraud doesn't end with them taking your home. It continues once they put the home back on the market. Many of these asset managers inside of the banks wants personal kick backs for the business they give you. I also have to laugh at the fact that 90% of the asset managers who rep the banks on the selling side of foreclosures are the same guys that did the bad loans to begin with. We keep on bailing out the banks who do nothing for the home owners. I think that is crazy as hell. They foreclosure on a home that used to have a value of $200k mess your credit up on that # then appraise the home with todays market and sell it for $95k what its really worth when then take it from you. How is that fair to the previous home owner?

  4. Brain, I also worked for BofA and it was the most awful job I have ever had! I was originally hired to do Loan Modifications for home owners and they then put me into the foreclosure, collections division. After speaking with a home owner over the phone( him literally sobbing) he told me he was a police officer and was involved in a high speed chase ending in him crashing. He had to be cut out of the car, lost both of his legs, paralized from the neck down and he had been out on workmans comp for 3 years waiting for a settlement. He had been begging BofA to modify his loan due to his decrease in income. The day I got the call, I was told by my supervisor to tell him he was too far gone and the foreclosure would be completed the next day. OMG!! I was so upset, I started crying, got up, went to the ladies room and look at myself in the mirror.... went back in to "bull pin" and walked over and told my supervisor to shove it! BEST THING I EVER DID!!! I got out to my caar, sat there for about 30 minutes crying over the man on the phone.... so sad... I know one day, we will all wake to the news that BOFS is down for the count. Brian, you did the right thing! Don't ever think that you made a mistake...Very Best Regards, Kay Gibson

  5. Oh, goodness, Kay. That officer's story is worse than mine & I thought *I* was a sympathatic case losing my fiance to a drunk driver that started my financial issues ....and that they'd work with me ... but BofA's "Cooperative" short sale program is proving anything but ... trying to figure out what to do ... declare bankruptcy? Let them foreclose? Fannie Mae valued my house $25K/50% over market value so no buyers...

    1. Get an attorney and/or contact your local Occupy group. Hang out at the foreclosure court. You can find people to help. Build a support group. Don't let the banks win.