Friday, July 29

The Female Perception of Me

I've been getting some glowing reviews on my online dating profile. It never ceases to amaze me how distrusting women are toward any guy who even attempts to be nice to them in any way. I wonder if Dr. Drew or Ann Landers had these types of issues at the beginning.

I figured I'd share a few of my favorite top contenders for a future "Crazy Cat Lady of the Year" award, based on their awkwardness when presented with the kindness of a stranger. In no particular order, the nominees are:

"Hey Brian. I appreciate the thought but I'm not interested. To be honest, the way your present yourself comes off very condescending, insecure, arrogant, and almost clinically narcissistic. Maybe my first impression is off, but I'm not bored enough to find out. Thanks anyway. Have a great weekend."  - Inked_Idealist, 28, Gilbert

"You're pathetic! Somehow I dont think I need dating advice from you when I get 200+ emails a day from men who dont have a problem with my profile..." - FashionPRgirl, 35, Scottsdale

"Yeah.... You pretty much repeated what I just said, but in more words." - AZ_Angel_, 22, Phoenix

"I am not looking for a fuck buddy. So based on what your looking for we will not mesh well. I was saying good luck because maybe some girl out there is actually paying for a site to get laid just like you." - HappyLayne, 25, Tempe

"Wow, I dont know why you sought me out to write a ridiculous email but youre an asshole." - TiffanyRose1026, 25, Peoria

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About the Author - Brian Penny creates music under the name Mr. Versable. He tweets under the name @Versability. He believes in true love[Image], and won't rest until he's found his...oh, and his last blog cost Bank of America a whole lotta dough although I'm not pointing fingers, but the typos weren't mine...! Peace and love! haha ;)


  1. Even though you conveniently didn't include your original messages to these women, it is apparent that you attempted to proposition these women for sex right out of the gate. That NEVER works. I don't know why certain men can't wrap their minds around the concept that most women don't respond to sexual propositions from total strangers who can't even be bothered to treat them like human beings. A woman will fuck you if she likes you and you don't act like a douche. Easy equation there.

    None of these women are contenders for the "Crazy Cat Lady of the Year" award just because they shot your sorry ass down. That just means they aren't mindless whores who are on dating sites to get banged by every disgusting dude who takes three minutes out of their life to write a (likely poorly written) shitty message to them.

    Do yourself a favor and go on if you want sex only. Quit wasting time on sites that are non-whores go to. Better yet, save the money you're spending on the wrong sites and hire a prostitute.