Wednesday, June 29

The First Score

Tonight I started working on my first film score. I'm quite used to an array of recording equipment, software, and methods, so I've got a good feeling it'll turn out well. Things tend to work out when you're well prepared...

Luckily the project came at a time when I was having a little bit of trouble focusing. I had spent most of May/June partying and lazing around. This in turn led to me catching up on a lot of movies and TV shows, as I had largely missed out on the majority of pop culture from 2007 on. I think I may be the only human being in the world that hasn't seen Avatar, haha. I just wasn't interested.

Anyway, the point is that my vacation worked out like the beginning of a Bond movie, where all sorts of fun gadgets are given to you, and they turn out to be exactly what you need on your next mission. That is about as close as I'll ever get to a comparison to 007, so give me a minute to dwell...


So I'm slowly building my fan base, and building my foundation as solid as possible in every direction I can push myself to. It's 2:30am, and I'm doing exactly what I was doing at 9:30am, which is studying the news, working on a project in the studio, and blogging. I'm standing stronger now than I ever did within Corporate America. I highly recommend everyone try working independently for at least a few hours a day until you're comfortable taking the leap to follow your dreams and passions.

It's a scary leap, especially at the beginning, but things get better eventually as long as you keep at it...hell I've only been seriously pursuing a career in music business for about 3 solid months, and already I've recorded enough material to utilize as a resume and show improvement. Because of this, I have been able to work with many other artists, and I'm already working providing music for a film that will be seen next month by millions of potential new fans.

This is what it feels like the day before something important in your life. Tomorrow is a test day. If you don't perform well on tests, then you can't handle the pressure of greatness. I will not fail. This will be the best work I've ever done.

Until the next one...

About the Author - Brian Penny creates music under the name Mr. Versable. He tweets under the name @Versability. He believes in true love, and won't rest until he's found his...oh, and his last blog cost Bank of America a whole lotta dough!

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