Wednesday, May 25

She Moves With a Rhythm

It was a whirlwind week.

She got me completely twisted.

I knew from the start she was a G. I knew she had the power to break my heart, but I think it's what I needed. Sometimes you have to feel pain to feel alive again.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a cutter. I'm in no way depressed. I love my life, to be quite frank. I just needed that surge of heartbreak to remind me again. I feel doesn't happen all at once, but I can feel it flowing back through me.

I have a purpose again. I have a renewed energy. She gave my heart CPR.

Most guys would be ecstatic to have the experience I did.

I look at it like skydiving. It was exhilarating. It was a fantastic rush that forever changed my life. I wasn't bored anymore. I wasn't simply going through the motions. I looked death straight in the eyes, and I survived to tell the tale. I even did it with a smile. Some people get addicted to it. Personally I only needed to do it once for myself. I'd do it again for someone else if they needed the support though.

Love, on the other is different. While most guys would be happy to brag to their friends about having a one night stand with a hot girl (granted my one night stand lasted a week, haha), I'm actually sad now that it's over. I miss her. She has a certain rhythm in her movement I've never seen before. I could actually feel the music in her. She talked with a syncopation. She flowed like water. She was an angel.

Maybe I'll never see her again. If I don't, I'll always have an amazing story to tell anyone who listens about how it's possible to hold your dreams in your hand, if only for a fleeting moment. That is a gift in itself, and I will always be appreciative. I'm not going to give up that easily though. Too many people in this world give up on their dreams and relegate themselves to living a so-called "normal life" because they're too scared to jump out of the plane.

I was one of those people for too long.

I like the rhythm she moves to, and I'll never give up on my dreams...

About the Author - Brian Penny creates music under the name Mr. Versable. He tweets under the name @Versability. He believes in true love, and won't rest until he's found his...oh, and his last blog cost Bank of America a whole lotta dough!

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